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Carissa Stanz

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As a dedicated food writer and product reviewer, Carissa Stanz is on a mission to share her love for coffee and cast iron cooking with home chefs everywhere. Her philosophy centers on research and hands-on product use, ensuring that her readers receive accurate and valuable insights. Beyond her writing, Carissa enjoys whipping up tasty recipes, experimenting with kitchen gadgets, and relishing the joys of open flame cooking with a trusty cast iron skillet. Her love for fresh and flavorful dishes, like a mouthwatering bowl of poke, further fuels her culinary creativity.


Carissa Stanz holds a degree from San Diego State University, but her true expertise comes from years of immersion in the world of coffee and cast iron cooking. Her experience as a barista adds depth to her understanding of coffee culture, while her hands-on approach in the kitchen has honed her skills in cast iron cooking.

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Carissa's work can be found on renowned platforms such as: Carissa's writing has garnered recognition and trust among readers and industry experts alike.

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