Best Automatic Coffee Machine For Home. We Pick 8 Winners.

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I’m a coffee aficionado. And, I have to admit, a bit of a coffee snob. Undoubtedly, I’ll walk a considerable distance out of my way if the coffee shop is worth it.

But sometimes you want to enjoy some java from the comfort of your home. For that reason, only the best automatic coffee machine will do. (There are so many other benefits, but more on that later).

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica coffee machine is a must-have. It’s also my most recommended automatic coffee machine. It puts you in control of your hot beverages. That’s perfect for a perfectionist like me! Best of all, it’s easy to clean and has a compact design to keep on your kitchen countertops. It might even be small enough to fit in an average-sized kitchen cupboard.

I also love the control panel’s simple interface. Not only does it help with creating a quick and easy drink, but you can also customize your cup of Joe. Continue reading to explore more of my top-recommended coffee machines. 

Warm Coffee

The Benefits of Automatic Coffee Machines

Since I took the plunge to buy an automatic coffee machine, I’ve never looked back. And I couldn’t resist but treat my family to one, too. Here are some of the benefits I get from owning one:


An automatic coffee machine is so easy to use. I love appliances that make your life easier and add more time to your day. These machines handle nearly every task for you. And you don’t need to be a barista to get a delicious cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage. Simply press a few buttons, and you’ll have a coffee in your hand in no time.

Quick Turnaround

Another benefit is how quickly they process your drink. In just a few seconds, it’ll make a hot beverage… and perfectly. No matter your drink of choice, these machines work quickly and efficiently. 

Excellent Brewing Quality

Above all, an automatic coffee machine delivers barista-style coffee in the comfort of your home. Save money and ditch the inconvenience without compromising on taste. Once you’ve enjoyed the creations these appliances can make, you’ll never turn back. 

Maintains Freshness

It’s a big irritation of mine when coffee beans become stale. Fortunately, a home automatic coffee machine includes a built-in grinder. This means it grinds beans just before brewing for a delicious, fresh taste. Plus, the aroma is wonderful and room-filling.

Discover the Best Automatic Coffee Machine for You

Below, you’ll find out top picks of coffee appliances to help you find the best automatic coffee machine for your needs.

Best Overall: De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica

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Top feature: The cup warmer allows you to preheat your mugs for a warm cup of Joe.

The De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica allows you to easily prepare lattes and cappuccinos for a rich, creamy froth every time. Easy to use, it includes a rotary and push-button control panel with customizable menu settings. These settings include coffee strength and cup size.

Moreover, it offers a 15-bar pump pressure to achieve an authentic flavor. Meanwhile, the patented direct-to-brew system grinds beans instantly for fresh espresso.

This De’Longhi automatic coffee machine also comes with a hot water spout. That’s perfect for making tea and hot chocolate. And this design minimizes spillages. Best of all, this machine maintains an ideal temperature for brews. 

Fortunately, cleaning and maintaining this machine is a breeze. This is because it includes a removable water tank, a used coffee container, and a drip tray. Plus, the decalcification indicator informs you when it’s time to clean the entire machine. 

You won’t have to wait for long periods of time for your brew, either. The double boiler system minimizes the waiting time between preparing hot beverages. 

On a final note, this coffee maker delivers fresh and aromatic ground coffee thanks to the conical burr grinder. For the best results, you can even adjust the grind settings. That’s ideal for use with a large variety of coffee beans.


  • Buttons to adjust coffee strength and cup size
  • Fast brewing time
  • Easy-to-clean brewing system
  • 3-hour automatic shut-off function 


  • Coffee beans may occasionally get stuck in the grinder

Best For Espresso: Gaggia Anima Prestige

41eBTYYF50L. SL160

The Gaggia Anima Prestige is all about being fast and convenient, earning it a spot on our list. 

From grinding beans to frothing milk, this machine is fully automated. Fill up the milk carafe, choose your style drink from espresso, macchiatos, cappuccinos, or lattes and the Gaggia will do the rest.

You can adjust the aroma strength, as well as, any of three temperature settings (177.5°F, 182.9°F, 184.5°F). The bean hopper and water reservoir are designed for easy access while the control panel is very user-friendly. 

At only 9 inches wide the compact footprint is perfect for limited counter space.


  • Steams and dispenses milk
  • Easy to use
  • Programmable
  • Slim design is only 9 inches wide
  • Large 60-ounce water reserve


  • Drip tray size is a bit small

Best for Lattes: Philips 3200 Series

41N2t2CKz4L. SL160

Top feature: The LatteGo system creates a luxuriously creamy layer of milk froth while being easy to keep clean.

Enjoy delicious coffee anytime with the Philips 3200 Series. In fact, you can use this coffee machine to satisfy your espresso, americano, or latte cravings. 

The Philips 3200 features an intuitive control panel allowing you to easily select your favorite coffee concoction. Furthermore, it also lets you adjust the strength and quantity of your beverage via the My Coffee Choice menu.

You’ll be pleased to discover that you can adjust the durable ceramic grinders in 12 steps. As a result, you can turn your coffee beans into ultrafine powder. Or use it to switch to coarser alternatives to further finetune your creations.

You can’t beat the smell of aromatic coffee filling a room. That’s why Philips designed this coffee maker with the Aroma Extract System. This technology cleverly detects the balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction. It achieves this by keeping the water temperature between 90–98°C. All the while, it regulates the water flow rate.


  • Easily adjust your coffee strength and quantity via the digital touch screen
  • Offers 12 different grinder settings
  • Creates delicious, creamy lattes
  • Detects the perfect balance between brewing temperature and aroma extraction


  • Touch screen control panel might be too complex for technophobes
  • Might be too big and versatile for a small household 

Best for Design: Jura A1

31ENgFHXfeL. SL160

Top feature: It has a no-frill design with easy-to-use, one-touch programmable settings.

There’s something about Jura A1’s design that’s so clean and modern. Elegantly designed, it’s ultra-compact. That’s perfect for smaller kitchens like mine or if you’re simply trying to be more of a minimalist. 

This automatic machine has a stark design. In particular, the Pulse Extraction Process means it can produce espresso and ristretto to the same standard. There’s no complicated process for this. Simply press the state-of-the-art touch panel to get things going.

Speaking of beautiful simplicity, this coffee maker lets you program three different cup sizes. You can also program two coffee strengths. Plus, you needn’t worry about running costs, as it has an automatic energy-saving mode. You’ll also receive a programmable switch-off time. That’s great for forgetful minds and for saving money. 

Saving energy is great, but the main reason you purchase a coffee machine is for great-tasting java! Thankfully, this appliance has more going for it than just good looks and efficiency. According to buyers across the web, it also makes a damn fine cup of coffee.


  • Fits comfortably in smaller spaces
  • Lets you program three cup sizes and two coffee strengths
  • Includes automatic energy-saving mode 
  • Grinds coffee beans in a short amount of time
  • Beautiful minimalist design


  • Bean hopper lid has a small plastic tab that needs perfect placement

Best for Simplicity: Mcilpoog WS-203

41bXpo3LquL. SL160

Top feature: Its touch screen simplifies making coffee in just three steps.

Brew 16 different delicious coffee drinks with the Mcilpoog WS-203. While this automatic coffee machine might look flashy, it has a focus on simplicity. In just three steps, you can adjust the strength, temperature, and even milk texture. In fact, you can even customize the milk content, water content, and coffee concentration. Once you have found the perfect settings for your creation, you can save them for next time!

Furthermore, this baby delivers barista-level froth. The automatic steam wand even allows you to adjust the milk temperature and texture. This versatility makes it great for having guests over or serving colleagues in an office.

With a single touch, the precision conical burr grinder delivers the exact amount of coffee on demand. This ensures you receive maximum flavor.

Cleaning automatic coffee machines can be a pain. Thankfully, this maker includes an intelligent cleaning reminder. It’ll also alert you (via the digital screen) of water shortage and lack of beans.

This model would be perfect for an office or busy household setting.


  • Combination of settings allows you to make 16 kinds of coffee 
  • Automatic steam wand lets you adjust the milk temperature and texture
  • Burr grinder with dose control delivers the perfect amount of coffee per cup
  • Generous 1.7-liter water tank
  • Settings can be saved for each user


  • Coffee grinder might be more prone to clogging compared to others on this list

Best for Coffee Pods: Nespresso Vertuo Plus

31Q Zj0dtCL. SL160

Top feature: Using the Nespresso is simplicity itself.

The Nespresso Vertuo Plus is a smart coffee maker that features one-button brewing. Another top feature of this appliance is Nespresso’s Centifusion technology. This uses barcodes printed on the pods to deliver excellent cups of coffee for each flavor and type of drink, including coffee or single and double espressos. 

In addition, this coffee maker features an extra-large 60-ounce water tank, ensuring that you won’t need to constantly fill it up to make a new batch of drinks. Plus, it boasts an energy-saving function where it shuts off after nine minutes of inactivity. 

Above all, this Nespresso coffee machine features a fast heat-up time of just 15 seconds. That’s perfect for busy individuals searching for a caffeine fix.

If you require tweaking lots of settings to achieve the perfect drink then this might not be the model for you. As for me, I’m pretty useless in the morning until I get my coffee so a one-touch solution is very appealing. And it makes a respectable cup of joe with a rich crema.


  • One-button brewing access for convenience
  • Nespresso’s Centifusion technology helps to make the perfect crema 
  • Generous-sized 60-ounce water tank
  • Powers off after nine minutes of inactivity  
  • Heats up in just 15 seconds 


  • It may only make cups in 2 sizes: 5 oz or 7.7 oz
  • Only works with Nespresso pods

Best for User Profiles: Gaggia Cadorna Prestige Super

41HkmIl51CL. SL160

Top feature: It includes 14 pre-programs to make a wide selection of drinks. 

Enjoy hot cocoa, latte macchiato, coffee, americano, cappuccino, and much more with the Gaggia Cadorna Prestige Super. With an array of programs installed into the appliance, it’s perfect for use in the office. And it allows you to expand your coffee selection down the line.

This Gaggia automatic coffee machine includes an integrated milk wand. This means it’ll create the exact milk temperature and texture you love. Plus, it runs through an automatic rinse cycle to remove any milk residue. So you won’t need to vigorously clean the wand by hand after every use.

Better still, share this appliance with others. With four user profiles, you can save your favorite drink and settings for easy use. That way, you’ll receive consistency every day with your drinks.

Let’s not forget about how beautiful this coffee machine looks. In particular, it has a full-color TFT display that glows in the dark. This touch screen also lets you experiment with a number of customizable settings. So you can build your perfect barista-style beverage.

More importantly, this gadget has durable ceramic burrs that grind beans finely. And they transfer minimal heat for the freshest taste in a cup.

Unfortunately, the price tag can certainly be hard to swallow. However, the little effort it takes to operate this machine makes it well worth the price if you desire efficiency.


  • Integrated milk wand creates the perfect milk temperature and texture
  • Includes four user profiles for consistent drinks
  • Comes with 14 pre-programs for a wide variety of drinks 
  • Long-lasting ceramic burrs grind beans finely


  • Might not be as long-lasting as other automatic coffee machines
  • Expensive 

Best for All Cup Sizes: Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

41HOpq7coNL. SL160

Top feature: This appliance features an Italian 19-bar pump to extract robust, rich flavors.

Take your java to new heights with the Mr. Coffee One-Touch CoffeeHouse Espresso and Cappuccino Machine. It includes a thermocouple heating system to deliver fast, evenly heated water. This works in harmony with the automatic milk frother. In fact, this wand whips up your milk of choice into a light and airy texture.

This coffee appliance also has an easy-to-use one-button interface. This design removes any guesswork about making an espresso. You can even enjoy a single or double shot of espresso with the tap of a button. 

Another aspect I love about this appliance is the cup tray. This conveniently adjusts to accommodate tall and short mugs. So you can stick with your favorite mug. 


  • Thermocouple heating system heats water quickly
  • Automatic milk frother creates thick, creamy milk
  • One-button interface provides easy work of making coffee
  • Make a single or double shot of espresso with one button 
  • Includes an easy-to-clean removable milk reservoir 


  • Noisier than some other units

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Things to Consider When Buying an Automatic Coffee Machine

There are many factors to consider when looking for the best automatic coffee machine. Below, I’ve outlined the most important features for your review.

Coffee Type

If you’re looking for versatility, many of the best automatic coffee machines allow you to make various types of coffee. This includes a huge selection of espresso, latte, macchiato, and more. Switch up your routine by exploring other caffeinated hot drinks.

Also, some models have the ability to bypass the grinder for using pre-ground coffee. This comes in handy when whole beans aren’t available.

Different Types Of Coffee


How quickly does the appliance dispense coffee? This is an important feature because many appliances have a different brew time. Look at customer reviews. Do they match up with the brand’s promises?

Ease Of Use

All automatic coffee machines have a bit of a learning curve. Of course, some are easier to master than others. 

If your machine is a pain to use, then you’re less inclined to use it. Leaving it in the box, never to see the light of day is just a waste. Regifting anyone?

Consider that the more manual options available, the more you’ll have to learn how to get the settings just right before you find the sweet spot for creating the perfect brew. 

On the other hand, automated machines take all the guesswork out of the equation. Many find these easier to use because they do everything for you. 


It’s important that your automatic coffee machine is the right size for your needs. During your research, you’ll notice water tanks come in a range of sizes. If your coffee maker is for the entire family, consider one that can make up to 8 cups at a time. Or, for office use, go even bigger with a 12-cup capacity. 

Bear in mind that the bigger the water tank, the bigger the coffee machine will be. For those with a smaller kitchen (that’s me), you’ll be looking for a compact form. 

Construction Material

After all this research and money spent, your automatic coffee machine should last a while. Opt for stainless steel for a rust-resistant, durable design. Plastic might be cheaper, but it’s not as long-lasting. Plus, it definitely doesn’t look as luxurious. 

Custom Brew Options

Not everyone enjoys their cup of coffee the same. So it’s worth forking out a little bit extra for a coffee maker with customized settings. The most basic models have virtually no options. However, more advanced coffee machines allow you to choose the water temperature, strength, and even milk texture. 

Speaking of milk, if you enjoy a delicious latte, choose a coffee machine with a built-in milk wand. This characteristic makes a huge difference to the overall flavor and texture. Simple to use, a milk wand creates a barista-quality. And you won’t have to stand there whisking the milk.

Milk Frother

Keep Warm

Go the extra mile, and look for an appliance with even more features. A Keep Warm function makes a luxurious choice. I couldn’t live with a coffee machine that doesn’t warm up my mug. This is such a welcome feature for winter evenings. And it’s a must-have if you’re prone to forgetting about your brew and want to keep your coffee hot. 

Audible Alerts

Do you tend to forget about your coffee once it’s brewed? An audible notification alerts you when it’s ready to drink. Plus, most modern electric appliances have a light that also notifies you. So there’s no chance you’ll have to endure a cold cup of coffee again. 

Touch Screen Display

If you’re tech-savvy, I highly recommend a digital touch screen. Via the display, you can adjust any settings and pick from various programs. There are some high-end coffee machines that include so many features that they can be difficult to operate. But, if you’d prefer a simpler interface, look into coffee makers with preselected options.

User Profiles

Share your automatic coffee machine with your family or coworkers. Having various user profiles set up prevents you from having to set up your settings every time. You can even set up to five profiles on advanced machines. 


Finally, nobody wants a kitchen appliance that’s difficult to clean. For the best result, choose one with a cleaning program. This will provide a thorough cleaning job without you having to worry about cleanliness. 

Another factor to keep in mind is how easy it is to remove components for cleaning. For example, does the water tank remove with minimal effort? The last thing you want is to be tugging at parts after every use.

No matter which model you buy, all automatic coffee makers have to be descaled on a regular basis. This means you’ll have to remove the minerals that build up inside your machine. How often you need to do this will depend on the hardness of your water, along with the design of the machine.

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The Best Automatic Coffee Machine

When you’re shopping for the best automatic coffee machine you should expect a lot. Automation is just the beginning. Great quality coffee, lots of drink variety, custom settings, dependability, and easy maintenance are also expected, especially with some of the higher-priced models.

For my personal favorite, I’d go with the De’Longhi ESAM3300 Magnifica. It checks every box and then some. Everything you need in a luxury coffee maker that will satisfy even the most finicky coffee drinkers.

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