Best Dual Coffee Maker: Our Expert Picks His 6 Favorites

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As a home-brewing enthusiast with years of experience both at home and in coffee shops, there are some things I know to look for when it comes to quality brewing systems.

I have used and tested many home brewing machines over the years. I have also been both excited and disappointed by many. Out of my experience, I have been able to find certain aspects that make a coffee machine better or that will cause its downfall over time.

The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio is my overall choice for the best dual coffee maker due to the sheer amount of customizing options. As someone with an experimental coffee taste, I enjoyed the customizability. With the FlexBrew, you have the option of making coffee for a cup, travel mug, flask, or carafe for the whole house.

This machine allows you to use K-Cup pods for single brewing and coffee grinds for both single brews as well as a carafe. Along with the choice of pod or grinds, you can also choose between two brew strengths. For a non-morning person, such as myself, knowing that my machine can auto brew strong cups of delicious coffee in the morning is a lifesaver. 

Warm Coffee

Although I feel the FlexBrew Trio is best for general use, the best machine is often a matter of personal preference. That’s why I have made a list of the best devices for different situations. 

Categories include best overall, best for espresso, best for cold drinks, best value for money, least amount of counter space, and best for high capacity. The categories will help you choose the best machine for your home.

Here are 6 of my favorites. I’ll bet there’s a dual coffee machine that’s perfect for your home.

Best Overall: Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio

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The Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio is perfect for entertaining friends and family or just for your morning coffee. The carafe setting allows you to brew a pot of coffee for many people, while the single coffee setting allows you to use a K-Cup pod or ground beans to make your perfect cup.

This machine allows you to choose between regular and bold coffee strengths for both the single and carafe brew. A timer system can auto-brew your coffee, so you can catch an extra 5 minutes of snooze time.

There are two fascinating added features to this machine, the auto-off, and the auto-pause and pour capabilities. The auto-off feature turns off your coffee hotplate after not being used for two hours, and the pause-and-pour allows you to remove the carafe mid-brew to pour a cup of coffee if you can’t wait for your daily caffeine fix.


  • Easy to use
  • Auto Pause and Pour
  • Added auto-brew timer
  • Can use K-Cups pods or ground coffee
  • Adjustable brew strength
  • Removable cup-stand for taller cups or flasks


  • Single brew needle is known to get clogged
  • Glass carafe does retain heat as well as metal
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Best For Espresso: De’Longhi All-in-One 

The De’Longhi All-in-One Combination coffee maker is a dual coffee maker made for espresso enthusiasts. De’Longhi is known for its high-quality espresso machines and knows that entertaining guests is essential.

This machine helps you reduce the space needed to make both espresso and filter coffee by giving you 2 machines in one. This product is ranked so highly because it allows you to make espresso while at the same time making a fine cup of coffee. The dual heating system means that you don’t have to wait before using a second brewing method.

Along with the espresso functionality comes a frothing wand and 15 BAR pressure pump. The frothing wand allows you to choose between foamy milk or just hot milk settings. Since the frothing wand uses settings to determine the texture of the milk, this machine is perfect for beginners and experts.

The carafe portion of this machine includes a spill-proof carafe to allow for easy pouring and includes a timer to enable the device to auto-brew your morning coffee. The added auto-off function is customizable so you can choose when the hotplate goes off, and there are also customization settings for brew and aroma strength.


  • Auto-brew timer for your morning cup of coffee
  • The dual heating system reduces wait time
  • Brew settings allow for personalized flavor profiles
  • Easy to use milk frothing wand
  • Easy to use controls
  • The auto-off function is programmable


  • The pressure pump can be quite noisy
  • Preheating lights don’t always work as intended
  • The water collection tray fills up quickly

Best For Cold Drinks: Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System

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The Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System is unlike any other machine, based purely on the fact that you can make cold-brewed coffee at home. This machine is perfect for coffee lovers who like to switch up how they drink their coffee on hot days.

This machine comes with two separate baskets to allow you to brew both coffee and tea if you wish. Along with two individual baskets, there are also six different brew sizes to choose from and five different brewing styles. The machine will automatically recognize the filter baskets, and the brewing options will change.

The selection process is straightforward to use and allows for specialty, cold brew, iced coffee, rich or classic functions. The over-ice brewing process will enable you to brew your coffee over ice to cool it down fast, and the cold brew option takes a bit longer but provides you with naturally cooled and sweeter coffee or tea without watering it down.

The included thermal carafe is made of double-walled steel, making it much more durable and keeping your drinks warmer for longer. There is also a fold-away milk frother that allows you to add foam to both your hot and cold milk.


  • Separate baskets for tea and coffee
  • A high-quality metal carafe keeps cups of coffee hot
  • Milk frother allows both hot and cold milk
  • Custom drink sizes and drinks brewing styles
  • Automatic basket recognition for tea or coffee


  • Occasional complaints about leaking
  • The start-up process can be a bit long
  • It does not support pods (if that is what you prefer)

Best Value For Money: Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer

The Hamilton Beach 2-Way Brewer is the almost-as-good cousin of the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew mentioned earlier. Though similar to the FlexBrew, this machine is different mainly in two key ways. Firstly, it’s a bit less expensive, and secondly, it does not support pods of any kind.

This machine allows you to brew your coffee in two sizes, either an entire carafe or a single serving. There is also the option of two brewing strengths that you can choose from, either regular or bold. 

The 2-Way Brewer, like the FlexBrew, also includes an auto-off function that turns off your hot plate after 2 hours and allows you to set a timer to brew coffee automatically. The auto-brew timer is usually ideal for coffee lovers that enjoy waking up with a fresh pot of brewed coffee ready to be enjoyed.


  • The auto-brew function helps reduce waiting time if used correctly
  • The auto-off process saves electricity and provides ease of mind
  • The machine allows you to choose between two brew strengths
  • Easy to use buttons simplify the brewing


  • The machine does not allow the use of pods (if that is what you prefer)
  • Some report slow brewing times
  • Glass carafe can break

Best For Smaller Kitchens: Keurig K-Duo Plus

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The Keurig K-Duo Plus coffee maker is a good-looking and compact coffee maker with a surprising amount of features. 

The machine’s water reservoir is movable and can be mounted to the left, right, or behind the device, allowing the flexibility to fit in tight spaces. Along with the machine comes a 12 cup thermal carafe that is said to keep your coffee warm for up to two hours.

There are four different brew amounts for the carafe function, so you do not have to waste any coffee, and there is also an option for a more potent brew if you wish. The carafe setting also supports an auto Pause-and-Pour function so you can remove the carafe pour a cup, and the machine will continue brewing once the carafe is back in place.

The single-serve brewer setting also allows for four different brewing sizes, starting at 6 ounces and with a maximum of 12 ounces. The robust brew functionality is also available for the single-serving coffee setting. 

This machine also allows you to set a timer to have your pot of coffee brewing automatically, and if you wish, you can use K-Cup pods in this machine.


  • This machine can use both K-Cup pods as well as ground coffee
  • Movable water reservoir for reduced counter space
  • An automatic brewing timer allows you to brew at a given time
  • The Pause-and-Pour feature lowers waiting time
  • Easy to use setting selection


  • There are reported brewing problems after a while of use
  • There are reported issues with K-Cup permanent filter
  • Bit more expensive

Best For High Capacity: CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station

418gARvwlML. SL160

The CucinaPro Double Coffee Brewer Station allows you to make two full Carafes of coffee simultaneously! 

If you regularly have guests and need enough coffee to supply them all, this machine might be the best one for you. Not only can you brew two full carafes at the same time, but you can also brew two different coffees. 

Since this machine uses separate filters and separate water reservoirs, you can brew two different coffees and make one a dark roast and the other a medium roast, or decaf. By doing this, you can cater to the needs of all your guests. The reusable filters of this machine are easy to remove and clean, and no need for paper filters.

This machine is one of the more basic machines on this list and is entirely manual. There are two switches on the coffee maker that allow you to brew both sides simultaneously or just one side at a time.

This machine is larger than many others on this list, meaning it will take up a bit more space on your counter. Since this machine is quite basic, it does not include a timer for automatic brewing or an automatic off switch for the hotplates. Not a lot of bell and whistles, just basic coffee and lots of it.


  • The machine can make two different coffees at the same time
  • Two carafes allow for high volume use
  • The device is effortless to use


  • The machine is entirely manual
  • No automatic off switch

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Buying Guide

Although I have reviewed many dual coffee machines you might like, there are always things to consider before making your decision. Functionality, ease of use, and serving sizes play a significant role in finding the machine that best suits your needs. If you are still unsure which device you would prefer, here are some things to consider.

Key Features

The key features of a coffee machine are one of the most essential details when buying a new coffee machine. If you need the ability to choose coffee strength and the ability to brew tea in your device (or use it as a hot water dispenser), those are some of the key features you should be looking for in the product description.

Ease Of Use

No one wants to struggle to figure out a machine that is supposed to simplify their lives. Though most devices will be easy to use after some practice, finding an appliance with a user interface that you are comfortable with is vital. 

If some settings look too complicated or do not have the choices you prefer, it might be better to look for a different machine. When it’s 6 am and you’re having brain fog, you don’t want to work too hard for your morning cup of coffee.

Drink Variety

If you are a person that enjoys experimenting or live in a house with a lot of drink preferences, the variety of specialty drinks a machine allows you to make is a major contributing factor to your long-term use of the device.

Different Types of Coffee

Serving Sizes

If you purchase the best dual coffee maker, you probably want it to fill your cup perfectly. It is essential to look at the serving sizes and the added options for the single-serving side. If your machine is unable to fill your cup to your specifications or the serving size is too big for your mug, you could end up wasting time, coffee, and hot water.


If you regularly have guests or go back for seconds (or thirds), you want a machine that has a large capacity. Who wants to be constantly brewing, and waiting for that next batch. I don’t know about you, but I want that caffeine, and I want it NOW!


Automation is a feature that comes with most modern coffee machines. However, not all devices have the same automated features. The ability to set an auto-brew timer is a function that can help anyone to get out of bed in the morning.

Along with auto-brewing, other automated features can make or break an experience, such as pause and pour or automatically switching off after a set amount of time.

Pod Capabilities

The use of coffee pods has become more popular in recent years, and whether you prefer capsule pods or reusable pods can significantly impact the machine you buy.

Coffee Pods

I personally love the convenience of coffee pods, especially during the week. It simplifies my workday. On the weekends, when I have more time I love to grind my own beans and brew the perfect cup. Having a machine that does both is a godsend.

Cleaning & Maintenance 

Cleaning and descaling your coffee maker is a necessary evil, I afraid. Fortunately, most modern coffee machines make things relatively painless. It’s important to check out what’s involved such as how much disassembly is needed, or what can and can’t be placed in the dishwasher.

Maintenance and the availability of replacement parts will affect how long you can use your new coffee machine. Before buying a machine, it is best to research replacement parts and maintenance.

Buying a new machine to find out that you cannot purchase any replacement parts will sour the entire experience. More prominent companies or more popular brands tend to sell replacement parts on Amazon or their websites. You might want to look for a brand that sells these parts.

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After testing all of the machines mentioned above, I have concluded that the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio is the best dual coffee maker overall. Many features, such as the pause-and-pour feature, make using this machine a joy.

The ability to use both ground coffee and K-Cup pods is also a contributing factor to my praise of this machine. Overall, it’s easy to use, has a surprising amount of customization, is perfect for personal use or use with guests, and it’s reasonably priced.

You can purchase the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Trio here.

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