Our Blue Diamond Pan Review. Does It Live Up To The Hype?

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If you’re in a rush and don’t have time to read the entire article, the Blue Diamond Pan is a great choice for a basic, no-frills frying pan. For a more feature-rich, slightly more expensive option, I’d select the T-Fal Professional Pan.

Whenever I see one of those “As Seen On TV” commercials, I end up rolling my eyes in disbelief. If you believe everything claimed in the commercial, it must be the greatest invention since the wheel! The Blue Diamond Pan is just such a product. Does it live up to the hype – of course not, but what product could? Let’s investigate with a Blue Diamond Pan review. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Non-Stick Pan

If you like to cook, having a non-stick pan at your disposal is vital. A pan that allows you to prepare dishes without needing to add oil or butter is a godsent if you’re concerned about healthy eating.

When it comes to non-stick cookware, there are several options. The original solution is the good old fashioned seasoned cast iron pan. Although most people are intimidated, thinking it’s too much work. To learn more, read our guide on the subject. Next up, we have Teflon. Years ago, Teflon was everywhere but recent studies have shown that using Teflon can potentially introduce toxic chemicals such as PFOA and PTFE into the food. Today, the most popular non-stick pans have surfaces with a safer ceramic coating which eliminates all of the health concerns of older coatings.

Several manufacturers, including Blue Diamond, like to claim that their ceramic cookware can withstand the repeated use of metal utensils and is dishwasher safe. After reading hundreds of reviews as well as my own personal experience, the performance of these non-stick coatings degrade over time. Using metal utensils and throwing them in the dishwasher is only going to speed up the process. Stick to hand washing with a soft scrubber and use wood or silicone utensils.

Other things to consider are size and temperature rating for use in the oven. Do you require your pan to be induction cooktop friendly? How about heat resistant silicone handles?

To learn more, please read my Best Ceramic Frying Pan review.

Presenting the Blue Diamond Pan Review 

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The Blue Diamond Toxin-Free Ceramic Non-Stick Frying Pan comes in two sizes and a few different styles. This frying pan is available as a two-pack or a single pan and the 12-inch version is available with a glass lid.

Although the Blue Diamond Pan is ceramic, it claims to be ultra-scratch resistant and metal utensil safe. The ability to use metal utensils in a ceramic pan is almost unheard of and beneficial (see my comment above).

The Blue Diamond Pan compares well to GreenPan, which is a leader in the ceramic non-stick world. The pan is inexpensive, making it an ideal option for a beginner cooks or people on a budget. Ceramic pans don’t last forever, though, so be prepared to replace it down the road.

Features & Benefits 

Although there are plenty of reasons that you’d want a non-stick pan like the Blue Diamond, there are benefits and drawbacks to any product. Let’s take a deeper dive into the Blue Diamond Pan features to find out if it’s the right option for you. 

Diamond Infused, Ceramic Non-Stick Coating

The diamond-infused coating on the Blue Diamond pan makes it harder and more resistant to scratches than other ceramic pans. That’s a great thing if you’d like to use metal utensils sometimes, but if you use metal consistently, the Blue Diamond Pan can still scratch. The harder surface is by no means indestructible. Despite the hype on their commercials, Blue Diamond’s own care instructions recommend hand washing and not using metal utensils. So although you are less likely to damage the Blue Diamond Pan with metal utensils than other ceramic options, that’s not a guarantee. 

The surface of the Blue Diamond pan can withstand up to 850°F, which is ideal if you like to use your frying pans in the broiler from time to time. The coating is also completely free of toxins that some other non-stick pans contain. 

Forged Base

The forged base on the Blue Diamond Pan helps to distribute heat more evenly. Typically, bases for non-stick pans come in either stainless steel or aluminum varieties. Aluminum makes the pans lighter. Stainless steel tends to be stronger and helps to distribute heat more evenly. 

Blue Diamond claims that their forged base is four times better at heat distribution and overall stronger than stainless.

Having a strong base is great, but the Blue Diamond tends to be heavy, so it’s not a great option if you have arthritis or you’re trying to teach kids to cook with you. 

Suitable for Use on a Variety of Stovetops

The Blue Diamond Pan works well on various cooktops, including gas, electric, glass, and halogen. It is not suitable for use with induction cooktops, however. Other similar options will work with induction cooktops if that is your situation, but the Blue Diamond won’t work for you. 

Available in a Variety of Pan Types and Sizes

I’m focusing mainly on the Blue Diamond Frying Pan here, but there are other options in the Blue Diamond lineup. These options include covered frying pans, uncovered frying pans in both 10′ and 12′ varieties, saucepans, pots, etc. There is even a griddle available with the Blue Diamond coating on it. 

The variety of sizes and styles is excellent if you decide that you like the Blue Diamond Pan and want to outfit your kitchen with several options. I’d recommend trying out a single pan before committing to purchasing a whole set, though. 


  • Ultra-scratch resistant
  • Inexpensive
  • Comes in a variety of sizes and styles
  • Even heat distribution
  • PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium free


  • Won’t last forever
  • Handle has no coating and can get hot
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops

Social Proof

I scoured the internet to find user commentary on the Blue Diamond Pan and found quite a few positive reviews. The individuals who have the most success with the Blue Diamond Pans lasting a long time make sure to use them according to manufacturer instructions. Washing them while they are hot seems to cause the pans to lose their non-stick effectiveness sooner than waiting for them to cool before cleaning them. Most of the positive reviews had comments such as “easy to clean”, great value”, and “worked like a charm”. The negative comments were mostly “not as advertised”. 

Alternative Options

One thing’s for sure, there’s no shortage of available non-stick pans out in the market. Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

  1. Tramontina Professional Restaurant Non-Stick Frying Pan
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The Tramontina pan is a little pricier than the Blue Diamond pan, but its audience is more commercial chefs and cooks than amateur home cooks. The Tramontina features an aluminum base with a non-stick coating on the interior. It also features a removable silicone handle grip to keep you from burning your hand, a common Blue Diamond user complaint. 


  • Temperature rating to 400°F
  • 10 inch diameter
  • Removable silicone soft-grip handle
  • PFOA free
  • NSF Certified
  1.  T-Fal Professional Total Non-Stick Thermo-Spot Heat Indicator Pan
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The T-Fal Professional Pan features a handy thermo-spot heat indicator that helps to show you when the pan is perfectly preheated and ready for ingredients. The pan’s interior is a scratch-resistant and toxin-free titanium blend that is dishwasher safe. Professional chefs would love this pan, but it’s a great addition to any home as well. 


  • Oven safe up to 400°F
  • Toxin-free titanium blend coating
  • Silicone no-heat handle
  • PFOA, lead, and cadmium free
  • Compatible with all cooktops, including induction
  1.  OXO Good Grips Frying Pan
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The OXO Good Grips Frying pan features hard-anodized aluminum for superior heat conduction. Its coating is three layers of PFOA-free non-stick coating. Its cast stainless steel handle has a silicone wrap to keep the heat away from your hands even without a hot mitt, and it can handle temperatures of up to 390°F. 


  • Best for home cooks
  • Withstands only 390°F in oven
  • Hard-anodized aluminum base
  • 10 inch diameter
  • Hand wash only
  • Not suitable for induction cooktops

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So…what’s my recommendation? If you’re looking for a basic, low-priced frying pan the Blue Diamond Pan is a solid choice. It’s inexpensive, attractive, and comes in your favorite color…as long as your favorite color is blue! Although it’s pricier, I also really like the T-Fal Professional Pan. It’s from a well-respected company and has some additional features that some people may find useful.

Check out the Blue Diamond Pan right now! 

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