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How to organize your kitchen

How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro

Have you ever had something cooking, say, some pan-fried chicken—it’s time to flip it over, or it’s going to burn, so you rush to grab the tongs, open the drawer, and… Where is it? There’s spoons, ladles, skewers, everything but the tongs. Meanwhile, your skillet has begun to smoke, and if you don’t do something soon, you’ll be hearing from your smoke detector.

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How to use a pressure cooker

How To Use A Pressure Cooker

Before I got my Instant Pot, I always viewed pressure cookers as a relic of the past. Something housewives used back in the fifties for making pot roasts (not that there’s anything wrong with that). If I wanted speed, I’d just use my microwave, right? Well, I’m here to tell you that a modern pressure cooker is an incredibly useful device and can do things a microwave could never do.

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seasoning cast iron

How To Season Your Cast Iron Pan

I’m no stranger to the kitchen. Still, I’ve only recently started applying myself more when I’m cooking, and using cast iron has been a big part of upping my game. But let’s face it: cast iron cookware can be intimidating. They’re heavy, making them a little hard to handle if you’re not used to them, and have the reputation of being high maintenance.

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